You can find us in the centre of Izola, opposite of the post office. If you arrive through Koper, you will see colourful posters hanging in shop windows. With those posters we are trying to present at least a small part of our offer.  Our tourist agency boasts with a very specific offer. Considering, that we are situated in a small, but nevertheless very unique and interesting town, we are doing our best to adjust our offer to the whole image. The locals can choose between different programmes for journeys and vacations, whilst for the foreigners we offer variegated range of sightseeing tours. We can also arrange accommodation and take them on the best possible trips – those little pearls worth seeing in Izola and its surroundings.

Company Information

Full name: Turistična agencija BELE SKALE ,d.o.o., turizem, storitve in trgovina

Short Name: Turistična agencija BELE SKALE, d.o.o.

Headquarters: Cankarjev drevored 2, 6310 Izola

ID number for VAT: SI27212254

Liable to VAT payments: Yes

Slovenian registry ID number: 5725798000

Transaction Account:

Nova Ljubljanska banka 02236-0018019640
Business Account number in iBAN format

Bank title and address: Nova Ljubljanska banka, d.d., Ljubljana. Trg republike 2, 1520 Ljubljana

Registry: Court of Audit Koper

Depositor’s number: 1/038430/0

Business activity (by NACE): 63 300

Establishment: 05.01.1993

Initial capital: 3.000.000

Licence number 87,534

Director: Patricia Filli