By booking arrangements, are organised or sold by travel agency Bele skale d.o.o, guests enter into contract with the agency and need to put down a deposit. That is usually between 30% to 40% of the full price (amount may differ between programs). Guests need to provide all required personal data and documents. Within 24 hours they are to decide, whether they want to pay a cancellation risk insurance for the journey in the amount of 5,5% from the entire arrangement price. This kind of insurance covers travel expenses in case of illness and death of close relatives (spouse, parents…). The reason for the notice must be proven with a confirmation letter and other documents. In case of cancellation of the arrangement without grounded reason and without cancellation risk insurance, the guest is obliged to cover the expenses entirely by himself.


up to 16 days before beginning of the trip 25 €
from 15 to 8 days before beginning of the trip 30 % of the price
from 7 to 0 days before beginning of the trip 80 % of the price
without cancellation or cancellation when the trip has already begun, the payment is 100%

By registration to arrangements provided by another organiser, it is necessary to apply to his general terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are to be found in the catalog or are mediated on the day of the trip.

The arrangement price must be paid in whole at latest 15 days before the beginning of the trip. As confirmation of the payment, guests receive travel documents or vouchers. These documents need to be shown upon commencing the program.

If guest cancels the arrangement during the trip on their own wish, they are not entitled to any reimbursements.


Each program comes with a detailed specification of all services included in the price. It provides all the information about accommodation category and possible additional payments. Prices in Euro are fixed. If the price is quoted in a foreign currency, it is accounted upon the selling rate on the day of the payment.


Passengers who travel abroad must have valid personal identification and visas (if required in the county of visit). It is necessary to obey customs and currency control regulations. If all the rules listed above are not seriously taken into consideration, than the passenger is obliged to cover the expenses on his own.


When the minimum number of participants can not be reached, the travel agency Bele skale d.o.o reserves itself the right to cancel the trip. Cancellation must be announced at least 7 days before the beginning of the trip for longer journeys and at least 1 day in advance for day’s trips. Minimum number of participants for bus journey is 30 passengers.

Travel agency Bele skale d.o.o also reserves itself the right to withdraw from the contract during the execution or before beginning of the execution of the programe, on account of unexpected circumstances which do not depend on its own will and can not be avoided – such circumstances present justified reason for the travel agency Bele skale d.o.o not to have closed the contract, if they had existed at the time of the conclusion. Travel agency Bele skale d.o.o has the right to change both, the day and the time of the journey, if there are changes in the flight plan or in case of overwhelming odds.

The agency can also change direction of the journey, if there is a change in travel conditions. All changes are made without monetary compensation and upon valid international regulations in the passenger traffic. Travel agency Bele skale d.o.o is also not responsible for changes in the program on account of overwhelming odds during the execution of the program. In such circumstances the travel agency can assure services in a different extent and regarding to existing possibilities. If the travel agency cancels the arrangement, the entire amount of deposit money is refunded to the client.


If the execution of the program or service was not correct, then within 8 days after the termination of the arrangement, the guest is entitled to file a written complaint.


When traveling to areas which can be threatening to ones health, the client is obligated to procure himself with all necessary vaccinations and the yellow book.


Lost or damaged luggage can be reported at the hotel or by the carrier. When traveling with an airplane, the luggage is strictly airlines responsibility.


Information provided on the premises, is not more liable than quotations in the offer or in the program.


These general terms and conditions are a component part of the contract. With contract conclusion, guests order services of tourist agency Bele skale d.o.o. and therefore they receive a receipt.