Our site uses cookies. These are small data fragments by the web server when you visit offer your browser. This usually stored on your computer or mobile device, at subsequent visits are stored cookie from the browser sends the server again. Cookies are used to store settings, keeping the meeting each user to distinguish between users and for tracking site (or between multiple websites). Control over cookies, review their properties and their deletion are possible in your Web browser or by using additional plug-ins in it.

Cookies are distinguished according to the following characteristics:

temporary (and conference) or permanent cookies
own cookies or cookies from third parties.

A session cookie is a cookie that is automatically deleted when you close the browser, while a persistent cookie remains in the browser until it passes a specified period (which may be a few minutes, days or years).

Own cookies set up a website that you visit ,, third party cookies may place foreign partner Web service that is included in the site because of the desired functionality.
What are cookies used on the website beleskale.si?

On the site we use cookies external Analytics, which are both permanent and temporary (Session cookies). The service used for the purpose of analyzing traffic (counting visitors, browsers and identification of keywords that lead to our site, problems with navigation). They enable us to assess the scope of our contribution and response to periodic media campaigns are carried out. All information is used internally and solely for the purpose of improving our website.

Since the data is tied to your visit to our site is stored on the servers of Google Inc. in the US, they are merging with data from other sites that use Google Analytics.

List of cookies on the website:


__utma Google Analytics lasts 2 years and is used for analytical purposes of monitoring user and visit their website.
__utmb Google Analytics takes 30 min. and is used to determine new users and new sessions.
__utmc Google Analytics is deleted when the user closes the session (visit website).
__utmz Google Analytics is used to monitor the source of traffic to a website. It takes 6 months from the setting (osvežavanja) cookie.
SID, SAPISID, APISID, SSID, HSID, NID, PREF Google Maps serve to measure the number and tracking user behavior Google Maps.


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