Visit one of the most fascinating, unique and romantic places in the world! The ‘Queen of Adriatic’ has much to offer – history, architecture and culture, bustling main streets and squares as well as calm side alleys and quaint neighborhoods.

The Venetian lagoon is composed of numerous small islands, which became inhabited millennium and half ago as population from the mainland was escaping from foreign invasions. Through the centuries the settlements grew to become the Serenissima, mighty Venetian Republic, which was ruling the Adriatic sea for thousand years. The city of Venice is today a popular destination to visit and explore its diverse neighborhoods, canals, narrow streets and bridges, with numerous grand palaces and monuments full of history.

We offer various tours to and around Venice, from the most classical tour of the main sights of central Venice, to more hidden gems on smaller islands in the lagoon. Contact us and we’ll help you design your trip!